The Shoku-no‐Sanjumaru Selection
Made-in-Japan, Environmental, Safe and Secure: The Shoku-no‐Sanjumaru Selection  (The Triple Circle of  Food Selection)
We support made-in-Japan, eco-friendly, safe and secure food products.
The Shoku-no-Sanjumaru Selection (The Triple Circle of Food Selection) is a non-profit public utility aiming to improve self-sufficiency in food products, to reduce CO2, and to promote the safety and security of food by awarding products that use domestically produced (made-in-Japan) ingredients, have residual pesticides less than half of the Japanese regulatory criteria and contribute to reducing the environmental burdens faced in present-day Japan, such as a declining self-sufficiency ratio for food, an increasing environmental load in manufacturing, repeated food mislabelling and radioactivity problems.
The Nippon-no-shoku Ganbare! (Go For It! Japanese Food Products) Executive Committee sets standards for made-in-Japan, eco-friendly, as well as safe and secure food products.
It also executes on-site audits of factories and sample inspections in the markets, and it awards products that have cleared these points.
The award-winning products receive publicity as they are widely promoted in various media,such as newspapers and the Internet.
Also, an official website and the Rakuten online shop are being developed for online shopping, so consumers can easily try a variety of award-winning products and support the products’ manufacturing.
The project started in 2009, and awards have been given to 156 products from 55 companies in the first stage, 263 products from 97 companies in the second stage, 342 products from 125 companies in the third stage and 474 products from 156 companies this year, the fourth stage.
There are three screening standards
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Organizer : Saika Technological Institute Foundation Executive Committee
Co-sponsor : Sankei Shimbun   Chunichi Shimbun